I am well known on the internet for being a very skillful Hypnodomme! There is SO much more to me than that though! Here you will get to see a completely different side to me, and you will not find ANYTHING on this site with even a hint of D/S.. This is strictly all about nurturing your inner child, and letting that little side shine!

I have found that the world can be such a big scary place that often leaves many feeling overwhelmed, stressed, negative, and feeling a bit out of touch with themselves. By nurturing your little side, and escaping to a regressed state when you feel the desire to do so, you are fully leaving behind that overwhelmed adult world, and entering into the safety of being a nurtured, loved, safe little love bug! While you are in that mode, everything is more fun, free, loving and carefree!

Many find relief and pure happiness from exploring ABDL activities, and I am absolutely THRILLED to have this safe little space to help you explore your little side!

I have been doing hypnosis for many years now, and my reputation has been built on trust, and compassion. I am here to use my skills with hypnosis to help all of you little love bugs fully accept and nurture your inner child, and regress to a state in which you can feel fully safe, child like, innocent and full of hope, happiness, and pure joy!!

Age regression can sometimes come with mixed feelings, but I am here to tell you little one, that there is absolutely NO shame or guilt here! I will not be judging you, and I will be helping you feel just how right and natural this is.

While I will never take on the role of your very own personal care taker, I will however always be here to provide you with material and resources to let that inner child shine!

So lets have some fun and cuddly relaxtion little love bugs! That’s what letting that inner child out is really all about!

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