Perfectly Protected

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18 minutes

You belong in diapers! Diapers make you feel so perfectly protected, safe, secure, loved and accepted. It is normal for all little ones to wear diapers, and feel so cozy and good in them. With that fluffy warm fabric squished up between your thighs, the stretchy band taped or pulled up around your tummy,  the thick bulky padding safely covering your little baby butt, you feel completely at peace with the world. So completely content. Wearing your diapers is natural and right for you, and so you can feel good about it. Feel good about wearing your diapers, little one, you belong in diapers!

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1 review for Perfectly Protected

  1. Matt

    Wonderful. This starts with a great induction to lull your conscious mind to sleep then Haylee’s gentle voice reinforces your place in diapers. I’ll be listening to this one on the regular for sure.

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