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Guess what?! You can add a personal touch to ANY of my existing mp3s!!! How exciting!!! What this means, is that I will record a secondary track onto your favorite mp3s that will be just for you!! This can include your name, and anything else that will make the mp3 that much more special for you!

Here is an example of a personalized mp3 request!

” Hi!! I would love to personalize the sleepy baby mp3!! Can you please use my name ” Timmy” throughout the file and include a few phrases about setting a specific bedtime and why its important to go to bed at that time?”!

Please note that a personalized mp3 will have a lot less content added than a custom mp3! For a full custom experience, choose a custom mp3 by clicking here! 

After purchasing this item, please click here to use the contact form and include in it which mp3 to personalize and the information to put on it! You do NOT have to purchase the mp3 on top of this personalized order. If you already own an mp3 and want it personalized, you may still purchase this to have it personalized though!

Im SO excited to offer these!!!

*note* All personalized orders are final, and non refundable. They are usually sent within 1-7 days, but can take up to 14.


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