Pretty in Pink

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23 minutes

Pink is your favorite color in the whole wide world! You’ve always been drawn to pretty pink girly things! You love to wear pretty pink girly dresses, all sweet and cute, with ribbons and frills and lace to make you feel like a princess! Every little princess wants to dress up and play! This file is all about LOVING everything pink and girly and pretty! Pink dresses, pink tights, pink diapers, pink sippy cups, pink plastic pants, pink blankies, pink pink pink pink!

Everything pink feels so magical and wonderful! Pink makes you feel so special and happy! So lay back little one, press play, and be taken away gently to the pink palace of your imagination, where everything will be just right! Its so wonderful to be pretty in pink!

Note* This file is for ANYONE who LOVES pink and girly things!

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1 review for Pretty in Pink

  1. Maddie (verified owner)

    This file is so sweet, and relaxing! It brings to mind so much beautiful & fun imagery! I would recommend this to any little girl.

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