Hello and Welcome To Love Bug Littles ABDL Hypnosis Nursery

This website is a safe space for ABDL ( Adult Baby Diaper Lovers) to feel free and wonderful to be themselves, and let go, play, relax and have fun! Its all about fun here little one!

In the Play Pen Shop you will be able to browse and find many different ABDL hypnosis mp3s!

You will NEVER find anything deceiving or full of trickery here! No humiliation, no shaming, no unconscious actions or behaviors, no forcing, no surprises! What the mp3 description says, is what you will get! You are safe here little love bug! Trust is so important!

Take some time to look around, and learn about all of the wonderful things that are here for just for you! If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact page! <3

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