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This mp3 will regress you down very thoroughly and deeply, down to a tiny little baby! You will get to see and feel yourself slowly, and blissfully regressing down. Enjoying each age as they come!

Once you are regressed down, a special pacifier suggestion will help keep you regressed, with a big thick diaper on! All little babies have to wear diapers, especially to bed! What makes that even more special, is that wetting comes naturally, and allows them to sleep all snuggled up all night long while doing what comes natural. So this will help you become programmed to do that while listening to this mp3.

All suggestions are for this mp3, and it is your choice to use the special pacifier to allow the suggestions to work outside of that!

Would a little love bug LOVE a personal feel to this mp3? If so then click here to personalize this mp3!


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