So Dreamy

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25 minutes

Your inner child is perfect and beautiful and deserving of so much love and care! This mp3 will help regress you back to your favorite little age, where you can feel so safe, loved, secure and happy, as you embrace all that your little self has to offer!

That sweet little child inside of you deserves to feel contented and safe and loved. Like nothing matters, but the simple pleasure of childlike things. A favourite stuffed animal, a familiar lullaby, a soothing pacifier perhaps, or a bottle of warm milk to sooth your sleepy mind. The sweet, innocent little child within deserves those things. You deserve those things!  Because you are one and the same, and that’s a good thing, sweetie, a lovely thing that should be celebrated.

This file will teach that when you literally sleep like a baby, little one, you WILL sleep like a baby! You can drift off to dreamland so easily, escaping the general day to day,  fully in little space while you listen to this.

Sweet dreams!

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1 review for So Dreamy

  1. xbr151063 (verified owner)

    I really loved how relaxing and comforting this track is, I put it on a loop when I went to bed and just had a wonderful night’s sleep. The way Haylee’s voice track drifts from ear to ear speaking comforting thoughts to the little in me makes me feel warm and cuddly and very, very relaxed.

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