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28 minutes

Many little ones experience wetting the bed, and it is as natural as can be! I mean, who really wants to get out of bed when they are all snuggled up and sleepy?! While some need a bit of help to STOP wetting the bed, some need to know that it is okay and natural for littles to not be ready for that yet.

This file will help you to do what comes naturally, whether you are wearing a diaper or not. This will be a fully conscious experience, simply encouraging you to stay nice and cozy and warm, and do what your body wants to do naturally, so you can drift off to dreamland!

This is a completely natural part of childhood, that many littles miss dearly. Sometimes it can be hard to fully let go and regress back to that natural innocent state, but that is exactly what this file will help to do!

Say goodbye to cold bathrooms, and simply be your little normal self, snuggled up cozy in a warm welcoming bed or crib!

You will have full control over your body. If you do not wish to wet the bed at any time, you will know that you have that choice fully. Everything in here is conscious and encouraging! I suggest listening to this while cozy in bed, or even right at night night time!

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